Walk in style with Balifus ®Bags! All your beach essentials will fit in these comfy and trendy bags.
Made of our original batik fabrics, prints and colors.
Some of our Balifus ® Bags come as a set with matching sarong.
Timeless designs with an emphasis on color and functionality.

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Clutch Bag

Black White Fatima
Cayenne Blue Pineapple
Cerolean White Bunga Titik
Orange Aqua Bunga Bokor

Kanvas Patchwork Bag

Black White
Mixed Color

Mika Bag

Baby Tropical Peach Flower Elisa
Black Cream Maculato
Cayenne Blue Pinneapple
Silver Serenity Bonbon

Rajut Set Bag + Sarong


Set Bag Sahara

Cerolean White Bunga Titik
Sand Beet Red Camelia
Silver Serenity Bonbon
Yellow Kenikir